S.L.A.T.S. stands for Small Lasercut Angular Tessellating Squares. Each unit is one inch on either side and can connect to similar pieces using either the tab or the slot, allowing complex constructions when many pieces are used.

The goal was to create a simple piece that could be combined in large numbers to form complicated emergent designs. The design process began with a square, chosen for its ability to easily tessellate in two or three dimensions. Tabs and slots were added on all sides to create maximum modularity and a myriad of possible interactions with other pieces.

After the design was complete, a large number of the pieces were laser-cut from matte board.

The result? A construction toy that’s dangerously addictive and possibly the most fun thing ever. Less than a week after their introduction, the SLATS had already claimed several meetings worth of productivity from unsuspecting colleagues.

Words don’t do them quite justice, so check out the gallery above.