Impact Reel 2011

This is a collection of promotional and public service announcements produced for the WDBM-FM radio station (“Impact 89FM”) by myself and the student volunteer production staff I lead. These spots were all produced in 2011, during my first year as the Production Director at the station.

Full Credits and Awards

Day in the Life of an Impact DJ

First Place

Promotional Announcement

Michigan Association of Broadcasters 2012 College Radio Awards

Person Role
Josh Rickert Writer, Engineer
Ben Rickert Lead Producer
Jesse Wiza Voice Actor
Elise Yoon Voice Actor
Andy Kozlowski Voice Actor

Recycling Commentators

Person Role
Josh Rickert Writer, Editor, Voice Actor
Erik Zinkel Writer, Editor, Voice Actor
Aiman Farooq Writer
Marie Steinbock Voice Actor

Bicycle Safety Robot

Person Role
Josh Rickert Co-producer
Erik Zinkel Co-producer
Marie Steinbock Writer
Emily Morgan Writer

Stronger, Lasting Hourz’ o Power

Person Role
Josh Rickert Editor
Ethan Yerks Lead Producer
Marie Steinbock Editor
Mars Woodbury Voice Actor

Saving the World One Song at a Time

Person Role
Josh Rickert Editor, Polish
Sean Balas Lead Producer

More work for the Impact

Impact Reel 2012

The most recent collection of radio spots I worked on for WDBM-FM, “Impact 89FM.”

Impact Reel 2010

Promotional announcements I helped produce for WDBM-FM in 2010.